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Trail Pitbike PH01A
PH01A 60cc is smallest size pitbike bike of BOSUER pitbike series for young kids. It is equipped with 60cc engine, air cooled, 4-stroke. The engine power is 1.8kw at 7500rpm.




60cc, Auto,air cooled ,4-stroke

product Descriptions

Chassis is BOSUER  exlusively designed for smallest size pitbike for young kids starting to learn ridding, the frame can accept from 60cc engine. 

There are 1 main bar structured  with l cradle. Swing arm is steel material. The bike is designed to be lighter weight and lower seat height for young kids operate easily.The suspenssion are non-adjustable both front and rear, front fork is 550mm and cooperate with 10" and 10" wheel to keep the bike lower seat height for young kids using.Brake sysytem are deisgned and modified by BOSUER exclusively, both of rear and front brake operated by manual.


Mga tampok

Engine: 60cc engine, 4-stroke, electric start

Frame: Steel 1-bar, steel swing arm

Wheel: front 10", rear 10"

Suspension: non-adjustable

Brake system: BOSUER discs and 1 piston front brake and 1 pistion rear brake

Muffler & exhaust pipe: steel exhaust pipe, muffler body and end are alloy

ENGINE Engine Uri 60cc, Auto,air cooled ,4-stroke
Bore X Stroke (mm) 44 * 37.4mm
Expression Rate 8.5: 1
Max Power ≥1.8KW/7500r/min
Max Torque ≥3.0N.m/4500r/min
Transmisyon Auto
Pagsiklab CDI
karbyurator PZ14Q
Chain/Sprocket 420-10/420-43
CHASSIS Kayang langis 3L
Humawak ng Bar bakal
Triple Clamp Gawin ang haluang metal
Balangkas bakal
Swing Arm Tube ng bakal na parisukat
Suspensyon Front fork : 39/42-550mm, rebond preloaded
Rear shock: 240mm
Preno disc brake,disc: 190mm
Gulong Steel rim, front size:1.6-10/ Rear size1.60-10
Gulong Tire size: 2.50-10
Sukat Naglo-load ang Max 60kg
upuan Taas 570mm
Wheel Base 920mm
pagpapaliwanag 170mm
Dimession 1290 680 * * 840mm
Net Timbang 46 ± 1KG
Sukat Package 1200x360x630
Kabuuang timbang 55 ± 2KG

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